Paris Romance

I can’t even begin to put into words how in love I am with this city.  Putting all the fantastic food aside, the beauty in the architecture is truly unlike anything in any other city I’ve visited.  Haussmann’s work on Paris is so distinctive and adds so much romance to the streets.  When I walk through the streets, I feel romance even when I am alone.  A stroll along the Seine and watching the sun set, exploring the  shops in the Marais, or wandering through Montmartre. Really pictures can’t really do justice to capture the culture and spirit of Paris ❤


There is so much beauty here and I love the moments when it is a beautiful sunny day and I look around and am reminded of why I wanted to leave everything behind in Canada and live here.


Now that I am back in my hometown of Toronto, I miss the Parisian life everyday.  But this just makes my vacations back to Paris so much more exciting 🙂