The best BBQ ribs in the world – Barque

Barque Smokehouse I am the biggest rib lover. I cannot stress this enough - I am ALWAYS down to go eat ribs.  I have often contemplated becoming vegetarian but the main reason I can't is because I LOVE ribs! I have been to several places in the city now to test ribs and absolutely … Continue reading The best BBQ ribs in the world – Barque

Instagram art project

So I started a fun little minimalist art project that combined several elements of things I like - photography, food and french.  A great way for you to refresh your French skills for basic foods 🙂  I just think googly eyes make everything cuter! @mmmindilicious  

1 Michelin Star Dining in Paris

If I was rich I would try all the 3 Michelin star restaurants to compare 🙂 In the meantime though here is my collection of the select few 1 Michelin star restaurants I have tried in Paris. *Septime Probably the trendiest 1 michelin star restaurant in all of Paris.  Getting reservations is a serious … Continue reading 1 Michelin Star Dining in Paris