Peaceful Lyon

Having lived in Paris for some time, it doesn’t make sense to me that I never took the quick train ride to go visit Lyon.  But I finally made the trip this time around on my Europe trip.  Lyon is basically like Paris, except MUCH less people and much more peaceful, so I can see why someone would want to live here.   Though personally, I think that Paris is way more beautiful so I would gladly take the crowds any day 😊


My hotel was right by the most famous food market in Lyon – Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse (  Halls of all endless cheese, fresh produce, bread, saucisson, seafood, and pastries – this is really a food lovers dream.  I came here everyday while I was here and I really regret not trying more cheeses. But really cheese is ENDLESS in France so you can never have enough.


My favourite area was Vieux Lyon. It is just the cutest and you really feel like you are transported back in time. I only came once and it was nighttime and now I regret not coming back again in the day. There are so many beautiful fountains and bridges everywhere that I could stroll for hours.  It really is a shame that I came in December when it was SO cold!


I went to about 10 bakeries to try out different croissants and I am disappointed to say that I didn’t have any that were really good.  There were tons of bakeries around (just like Paris) but I wasn’t impressed by any of them.  Maybe I should’ve researched best croissant in Lyon instead of best pastries before going!   Also, I had a lot of issues on this trip where the places I researched ahead of time were closed for Xmas. Disappointing to say the least 😦


One highlight on this trip was my meal at Ravigote ( – sorry I don’t see an official website for them).  They really stressed the idea of  their local community by listing out where they purchase each of their main ingredients (eg. Meat, veggies).   Not only that, but they even tell you which leather artisan makes their menu bindings and bread baskets.  How amazing right?! Of course the bread here was divine, the restaurant was super cute and the plating was gorgeous.

Another highlight was the pastry I tried at L’ourson Quit Boit bakery (    – again sorry I couldn’t get an official website).  I went to this area to try the restaurant, but I didn’t know you could make reservations and of course there was no space left! I settled just for their bakery next door and tried the matcha raspberry tart and OH.MY.GOD – pastry heaven!  The tart density and texture was perfection and they got the right balance in the matcha flavour.  I wish that I bought 3-4 pastries from here before I left that area!


I’m happy that I visited Lyon, but I don’t think I would go back again.  I just LOVE Paris way too much ❤


3 thoughts on “Peaceful Lyon

  1. Rosie says:

    Having lived there for the best part of a year, Lyon will always have a piece of my heart… but I completely agree that it’s a wee bit nippy in December! May/June is a good time to visit, as the crowds haven’t yet descended but the weather is warm and you can enjoy the green spaces 🙂


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