Simple yet Complicated Food in Toronto

A tiny little restaurant tucked just upstairs to Bay station is my new little heaven.




o (11)

There was a braised rabbit gnocchi special that day which I could not have been HAPPIER about. I LOVE pasta and have a crazy gnocchi obsession so it was just my lucky day.Β  I’m not a fan of eating rabbit, but honestly I couldn’t say no to gnocchi. These were the SOFTEST, little flavourful pillows!! (I compiled a list of the best gnocchi in Toronto – )

o (13)

I also tried the quail with honey and olives. Such a simple dish where the ingredients came together in perfect harmony. Of course I made sure to soak up all the honey sauce at the bottom. Lastly I had the steelhead trout with Jerusalem artichoke, watercress and beurre blanc. The fish was cooked to perfection with a nice cripsy skin, which everyone knows is the best part!

A small, SIMPLE menu where the dishes will exceed your expectations. Trust me when I tell you that this is a MUST do restaurant in Toronto ❀


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