Gnocchi Obsession

Lately I’ve been on a gnocchi CRAZE and if it’s on the menu, you can bet that I’m going to order it πŸ™‚ There’s a ton of Italian restaurants in Toronto, but honestly the BEST pasta does not always come from an Italian spot. This is going to sound outrageous but the best gnocchi I’ve had in my life was in Toronto, and not from Italy. Granted I didn’t try as many restaurants in Italy, but seriously Toronto has some GREAT pasta.

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Though the hunt for the best gnocchi will never end, I have 4 spots in Toronto that I think are the absolute best. They all serve the SOFTEST, delicate little pillows. Not only do I want to eat them all, I wish I could lie in a bed full of it!

If you love gnocchi, then make sure to check out the spots below!

1. Brothers Food and Wine


Hands down the BEST gnocchi in ALL of Toronto is from Brothers. This cute little restaurant is just outside Bay subway station and the small, simple menu is always changing. I ordered the rabbit gnocchi that was on special the day I went, and I am SO happy I did. I NEVER eat rabbit, but it was hard to not order it when it came with gnocchi! They were so soft that they practically melted in my mouth. How that’s possible? I don’t even know. If you are lucky enough to come on a day where they are serving gnocchi, please PLEASE order it. You don’t need to go to Italy for good pasta!!

2. Woodlot

o (1)

I love woodlot and the russet potato gnocchi (with wild boar & chestnut ragu, fennel, sage and parmesan) I had here was no exception. Another gnocchi that literally felt like it was melting in my mouth! The boar was tender, the CHESTNUT ragu was divine, and everything complimented each other so well.Β  I wrote a post before expressing my love for Woodlot (fantastic restaurant that you need to go to) –

3. Constantine


Constantine is one of Toronto’s newest and trendiest restaurants with a focus on Mediterranean food. The restaurant itself is beautiful and I will definitely be back to try their brunch! I tried a few of their dishes, but what really stood out for me was the gnocchi (tomato, eggplant, whipped ricotta). The tomato sauce was super fresh and the gnocchi was PILLOWLY soft and airy.

4. Enoteca Sociale

o (3)

Enoteca Sociale is famous for their fresh pastas, and now I finally know why. Their SOFT gnocchi was simply divine with tomato, chili and smoked ricotta. Who can say no to smoked ricotta?! I always feel like smoked cheese tastes like meat and it worked so well with the gnocchi. I will definitely be back to try more of their pastas!

o (4)

Nodo – fried gnocchi

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