Pretty Porto

I’ve only ever been to Lisbon in Portugal and I absolutely adored it!  Such a cute place and who can mention Lisbon without talking about their mind blowing pasteis de natas! Ever since then I have been telling people that Portugal is a must see, so it was fitting that I made my way over … Continue reading Pretty Porto

The Best Croissant in Toronto

Being a self proclaimed croissant connoisseur, needless to say, I am EXTREMELY picky when it comes to the croissants in Toronto.  I have probably tried more croissants from different bakeries in Paris in 3 years, than some Parisians have in their entire life! Toronto has disappointed me time and time again, especially when it comes … Continue reading The Best Croissant in Toronto

The BEST pasta in the world

Outrageous I know, but the BEST pasta I've ever had was NOT in Italy, it was right here in Toronto, Canada. Famiglia Baldassarre I probably go out to eat pasta more than anyone else you know. There's just something SO comforting and delicious about FRESH pasta and I can never get enough. I found … Continue reading The BEST pasta in the world

Simple yet Complicated Food in Toronto

A tiny little restaurant tucked just upstairs to Bay station is my new little heaven. Brothers   There was a braised rabbit gnocchi special that day which I could not have been HAPPIER about. I LOVE pasta and have a crazy gnocchi obsession so it was just my lucky day.  I'm not a fan … Continue reading Simple yet Complicated Food in Toronto