Pretty Porto

I’ve only ever been to Lisbon in Portugal and I absolutely adored it!  Such a cute place and who can mention Lisbon without talking about their mind blowing pasteis de natas! Ever since then I have been telling people that Portugal is a must see, so it was fitting that I made my way over … Continue reading Pretty Porto

The Best Croissant in Toronto

Being a self proclaimed croissant connoisseur, needless to say, I am EXTREMELY picky when it comes to the croissants in Toronto.  I have probably tried more croissants from different bakeries in Paris in 3 years, than some Parisians have in their entire life! Toronto has disappointed me time and time again, especially when it comes … Continue reading The Best Croissant in Toronto

The BEST pasta in the world

Outrageous I know, but the BEST pasta I've ever had was NOT in Italy, it was right here in Toronto, Canada. Famiglia Baldassarre I probably go out to eat pasta more than anyone else you know. There's just something SO comforting and delicious about FRESH pasta and I can never get enough. I found … Continue reading The BEST pasta in the world

Simple yet Complicated Food in Toronto

A tiny little restaurant tucked just upstairs to Bay station is my new little heaven. Brothers I feel that ever since I've come back from Paris, I always compare the quality of a restaurant to the best ones I've been to in France. Few come close with the exception of a handful I've gone … Continue reading Simple yet Complicated Food in Toronto

Texas BBQ heaven in Canada

Adamson Barbecue For the love of BBQ. This place is heaven on earth.  My mouth is watering just thinking about my experience again.   Please be smart and come around 10:30am to start lining up for their 11am opening.  I've been here before where the line was way too long and I left extremely disappointed. … Continue reading Texas BBQ heaven in Canada